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Presenting our extension for the AliExpress Importer, compatible with both OpenCart 4 and VentoCart. This robust tool is intricately designed to leverage destination country and currency data collected during importation, effortlessly providing mirrored shipping options aligned with your supplier's choices. It offers a comprehensive display of available shipping options, costs, and estimates, enhancing the overall experience for your clients.

Utilizing this extension for a specific target country empowers you to distinguish shipping costs from individual product prices, offering your clients the freedom to select their preferred shipping method. When multiple AliExpress products are present in a cart, the extension efficiently consolidates shipping fees into a user-friendly 'Multi-Pack' option. This showcases the total shipping cost for all products, coupled with the longest estimated arrival date, streamlining the checkout process for a more convenient and transparent shopping experience

Moreover, this extension seamlessly manages third-party products in a cart by implementing a flat-rate strategy. Elevate your dropshipping experience with this versatile tool, providing an enhanced level of control and convenience for both you and your clients.

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