About VentoCart

VentoCart is a free feature-packed, out-of-the-box eCommerce solution under the GPLv3 license, is a Fork of OpenCart 4 framework. (Meaning, based on) . Our journey began with a developer who  worked with OpenCart for years, but also contributed bug fixes to the main project over time, recognizing the evolving landscape after OpenCart 4 saw the need for a featured oriented project that prioritizes bug fixes. You can download it by clicking here.   You can engage in the project by its github page.

What Sets Us Apart

VentoCart isn't just another framework; it's a complete eCommerce solution. We've moved away from the "just a framework" approach, focusing on bug fixes, community engagement, and providing a comprehensive solution for your online store. Meaning, if you found a bug we are going to investigate it and get it fixed.

Currently, VentoCart is not a cloud service, which means you can download and install it on your own web hosting account. However, doing that does require a bit of technical expertise.

Key Features

Let's dive into some of the exciting features we've worked on:

1. Responsive Cart Grid

  • Upgraded the cart with the vanilla Bootstrap grid system for improved responsiveness and mobile compatibility.

2. Simplified Checkout Process

  • Revamped checkout into an interactive easy to use and understand AJAX page, no modals or next page, shipping/payment options updated as the client fills the form, reducing abandoned carts.

3. Address Field and Phone Requirement

  • Replaced Address 2 with a mandatory phone field for streamlined checkout.
  • Integrated IP geolocation for auto-selecting the client's country.
  • Added auto-complete for country phone codes.

4. Enhanced Photo Gallery

  • Integrated PhotoSwipe for a full-featured, responsive photo gallery with smooth swiping functionality on mobile devices.

5. Custom Product Photo Slider

  • Developed a lightweight JavaScript photo slider for efficient handling of extensive photo collections on product pages.

6. Most Viewed Module

  • Introduced a module to display top products based on various time frames.

7. Quick View Feature

  • Quick View: Clients can view a product in a small pop-up before deciding to view the full product page.

8. Added Video Support

  • Now supports video (mkv, mp4, and avi) for product thumbnails or in the photo collection.

9. Improved Image Organization

  • Each product has its own media directory, enhancing organization and cleanliness.

10. Drag and Drop Categories

  • Implemented a feature for users to easily reorder categories through drag and drop.

11. Category and Product Input for SEO

  • Addressed input issues for categories and products, added auto SEO-friendly URLs and meta for quick product creation.
  • Implemented a PHP function to handle special characters, converts all non-latin languages into latin friendly seo urls.

12. Stripe And Paypal pre-installed

  • Stripe and paypal payment extensions comes bundled with the installation.

13. Switched Template Engine to Plates:

  • Moved the whole front application from Twig to Plates template engine for better performance and security and also for the native syntax.
  • To maintain compatibility with vanilla OC extensions, we've retained the Twig engine as a secondary option; however, there's a possibility it may be phased out in the future

14. CMS Blog Module Enhancement

  • Enhanced the CMS blog module to offer a more blog-like option with word limits for previews.

15. Simplifying Language Selection Process

  • Eliminated manual language code entry with an automated system based on country selection.
  • Flag icons and default English text are automatically inserted for visual representation.

16. Massive Translation Editing and Efficient Exporting

  • Adding and translating languages simplified, all country flags are present and the system handles automatically all the files. You can export a .txt file translate it and just import it back.

17. Options Revamped

  • Now, you can seamlessly add options while editing a product directly on the spot, eliminating the need to navigate to another section. Additionally, you have the flexibility to add images to specific options for individual products without affecting your option sets. To enhance user experience, you can effortlessly rearrange the order of options by simply drag-and-dropping them with your mouse."

18. Product Variations

  • We've introduced a new product variations feature, allowing you to specify explicit stock levels, prices, and SKU codes for particular option combinations. For example, you can mark a red t-shirt in size large as 'out of stock' or have it in different quantity or price, without affecting the rest of the options for that t-shirt.

19. Plenty of other goodies like the above

  • It's impossible to list the entire timeline of VentoCart's changes here. If you're not yet a member of our community, give it a try and explore the possibilities!

Join us at VentoCart! If you appreciate our project, please show your support by either submitting any bugs you find on GitHub or suggesting new features. Let's make eCommerce an adventure, not just a transaction!