VentoCart Update 28/12/2023

  1. New Feature: Drag and Drop Categories

    • Implemented a new feature allowing users to drag and drop categories for easy reordering.

    Improved Category and Product Input for SEO

    • Addressed issues with the input for categories and products to simplify the process of creating SEO-friendly URLs.
    • Implemented a PHP function to convert special characters to their corresponding English-Latin characters and handle spaces.

    Stripe Extension Update

    • Updated the Stripe extension library to the latest version.
    • Ensured that payments work seamlessly.

    Template Conversion Fixes

    • Fixed bugs generated by the conversion of the Twig template to Plates, specifically related to escaping URL links.

    JavaScript Bug Fixes

    • Addressed and fixed bugs related to JavaScript in the project.

    CMS Blog Module Enhancement

    • Enhanced the CMS blog module to offer a more "Blog-ish" option.
    • Users can now choose a limit of words (default is 50) to provide a preview of each blog post with a "read more" link.

Have a feature in mind? well..  use the contact form and tell us, or just open a feature request at our github project: https://github.com/captainerd/VentoCart

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