Installing VentoCart

Installing VentoCart

Installing Ventocart involves several steps to ensure proper configuration and functionality. Follow this comprehensive guide to install Ventocart on your web server.

Installation Steps:

  1. Database Setup:

    • Begin by creating a MySQL database on your hosting server. Note down the following details:
      • Database name
      • Database username
      • Database password
  2. File Upload:

    • Download the Ventocart package from the official source.
    • Extract the contents of the package.
    • Upload the contents of the 'upload' directory to the 'www' or 'public_html' root folder of your hosting server using FTP or any other file transfer method.
  3. Visit Installation URL:

    • Open your web browser and navigate to your site's URL followed by "/install" (e.g., www.yoursite.com/install).
    • This will initiate the Ventocart installation process.
  4. Installation Forms:

    • You will be presented with installation forms.
    • Fill out the required information, including:
      • Database name
      • Database username
      • Database password
      • Other necessary configuration settings
  5. Requirements:

    • Ensure that your server meets the following requirements:
      • PHP Version: 8.1 or above
      • File Uploads: Enabled
      • Session Auto Start: Disabled
      • Restrict Storage Dir Access: Implement .htaccess or other blocking mechanisms to restrict access to the '/system/storage' directory.
      • PHP Extensions:
        • Database: mysqli
        • GD: gd
        • cURL: curl
        • OpenSSL: openssl
        • ZLIB: zlib
        • ZIP: zip
        • WebP Support: GD with WebP
  6. Finalizing Installation:

    • Once you've filled out the installation forms and ensured all requirements are met, proceed with the installation process.
    • Ventocart will perform necessary setup tasks, including creating tables in the database and configuring the application.
  7. Completion:

    • After the installation process is complete, you will be notified of successful installation.
    • You can then access your Ventocart store by visiting your site's URL in the browser.


  • Make sure to remove the installation directory or secure it properly after installation to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Regularly update Ventocart to ensure security and access to the latest features and improvements.

By following these steps, you should have Ventocart successfully installed and ready to use on your web server.

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